Paul James Bunke, Jr. (PJ) Bio and Health Updates

Paul James Bunke, Jr., shown just before his 7th birthday.  PJ loves to ride his bike, hunt, fish, play baseball, and play video games.  He is an excellent student and has many Scripture verses committed to memory.  He will be entering the third grade this year.

PJ sustained two broken arms and two broken legs in the accident on August 4 that killed his brother and sister and also injured his father. 

PJ is a big Chicago Cubs fan, and specifically likes Sammy Sosa, the benevolent slugger for the Cubs.  Sammy called PJ on the phone about a week after the accident.  That made us Cubs/Sosa fans even more enthusiastic supporters of the Cubbies, and even made a few new Cub fans of our friends and family.

We know that God spared PJ for a reason, and that big things are in store for his life. PJ understands this, and although he misses his brother and sister, he knows exactly where they are, because PJ was instrumental in both Sara's and Philip's decisions for Christ.